Reach out directly (whether that be through phone, email, or in person) to your family members, and tell them more about Spokt and how you hope what it can become for your family. To me, Spokt is like sitting in the living room and catching up with my family, but without having to travel all over the country to bring everyone together. When you find something you really enjoy, you want to share it with the people who mean the most to you. Sometimes, when people receive an invitation, they don’t know what they are being invited to. I’m as skeptical as anyone!

Another thing to get things rolling is to post some photos in your hub, ask some questions, post a poll. Try to get a conversation going and invite your family members to share. Ask someone to post photos from a recent vacation or graduation.

When you reach out to your family to tell them about Spokt it shows that you care about them, and want to stay connected. Then, when people see their invitation, they understand more about what Spokt is, and then be more inclined to join and participate. You can also send them a link to our demo hub, so they can get a feel for what Spokt is like!

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