Many of you have been asking for categories and albums, and we have been sagaciously stewing about how we can deliver an experience that satisfies the requests we’ve received, and that also fits well with Spokt’s roadmap.

Categories are a great way to organize content, but they can quickly get out of hand. We wanted to give categories a meaningful name because we want their use to have meaning. As we post news and photos to Spokt we build a family history. We felt the name book held the right amount of weight and tradition for this role. Below is an example of what your Books will look like. This feature is available in all Hubs now.

For those of you who migrated your site data from we have preserved the categories and albums which were previously created. You can now find them under the “Books” link on the left nav of your Hub.

When you post a new item to Spokt you can place the post into as many Books as you wish. As you type in the name of a Book it will offer suggestions of existing Book names with a nifty little autocomplete feature:

Watch this screencast to see Books in action:

Remember each hub can have any number of books: you can decide what is appropriate for you and your hub. Posts can be included in multiple books simulutaneously.