Harbor is our tool to help you back up your data from Spokt to your computer. We want you to have control over your data, and make sure you always have access to it. We want you to always be able to access all the memories you have saved on Spokt.

There are two ways to use Harbor. It is included in our Extended & Premium Plans, or you can order an A La Carte Harbor backups on demand. In our Extended Plan, Harbor backups are semi-annual, and in our Premium Plan, you get monthly backups. Either way, Harbor gives you that little extra bit of peace knowing your data isn’t just safe — it’s yours.

You initiate a backup from the Manage Hub screen. Click "Create Harbor Backup" and follow any prompts.

Once complete you will receive an email with a link. Click the link and your completed backup will download to your personal computer. The backup file is a zip archive containing all the posts, photos, videos, and member information in your hub.